Our Story


The Meat Shed prides itself on keeping alive the art of crafting fine meats. We produce uniquely delicious locally sourced and hand-made charcuterie. This is what makes our food irresistible and important to the culture of Southeast Kansas and the Little Balkan tradition.

The Kitchen


The Meat Shed provides you with better products, better service, and more opportunities to enjoy our tasty meat treats. We set up shop at area farmers markets, serving our treats during scheduled events. We are here to increase the amount of selections kept in stock for you to cook at home.

Board of Fare


Here at The Meat Shed, we produce a variety of fresh sausages, cooked sausages, cured meats, fresh chops and roasts, pickles, piccalilly, and other seasonal items. We specialize in pork products made from farms producing humanely raised hogs. Everything we sell is made in-house, because good food is more than where it is sourced. Good food starts with recognizing the value of the animal sacrificed for its nourishment and our obligation to utilize it accordingly. Everything at The Meat Shed is made by hand, because it just tastes better that way.

Fresh Sausage

Handmade in the Little Balkan tradition samplings include Little Balkan, Beer Brawtwurst, and Breakfast Sausages.

Heritage Pork Cuts

Heritage pork is always a favorite for our Meat Shed families.


The fans of our maple black pepper bacon say...It's smack your mamma good.


Our charcuterie is handmade with classic practices, recipes, and ingredients.

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