Using only best in locally sourced pork, we believe our handcrafted sausages are the best you can buy. Our premier sausage is named after the Little Balkan region of Kansas we call home and is a classic example of our local heritage and cuisine. Included with this lineup of fresh sausages is our interpretation of an American breakfast sausage, our unique beer brautwursts that are made with Kansas beer, and an regularly changing special sausage.


Heritage pork is a flavor and texture unique to its own and quickly becoming the standard fare for those of us who want the best food for our families. Good pork starts with happy animals and the hogs we source come from farms that humanely raise pork with sustainable practices that do not include unnecessary hormones and antibiotics. Treat yourself, and taste the difference.


We make bacon the old-fashioned way, taking our time to slowly cure and smoke premium pork to its highest level of cured perfection. Maple Black Pepper is our standard flavor, but special batches are available from time-to-time or by special order. Nitrite-free bacon is available by order too. This is a delicacy we encourage you to try. As the fans of our maple black pepper bacon love to say... “This stuff is smack your mamma good.”


Like all of our other products, The Meat Shed makes all of our charcuterie items are handmade in-house with classic practices, recipes, and top-shelf ingredients. Mortadella, smoked pastrami, bologna, summer sausage, country pâté, and coppa di testa are a sampling of some of our fan favorites.


It's good.

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